Business Plan Development

New Business Registration:

Building your business from the ground up can be long and complicated process. There’s many documents to sign, and usually requires a significant amount of startup capital. However, there is more than one road to take when establishing a business. The three primary forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation each come with their own set of pros and cons. Understanding all of the task, benefits, and trials that come with establishing a business is the key to finding success in your industry. However, without the proper guidance you may fall victim to making mistakes or missing out on potential opportunities. Fortunately, we are here to serve as your guiding light in building your business.

We understand that establishing a successful business does not happen overnight. With the help of our business advisors, ensure that you are aware of the necessary documentation, licenses, and permits you will need in order to get your business out of the development phase. If you are looking to incorporate your business, we assist in filing the proper paperwork required for receiving LLC status in a timely manner. Our team will also sit with you and your partner(s) personally to discuss the potential tax benefits and disadvantages that are associated with each form of business.

Business Dissolution:

We know that dissolution is a reality that every business should be prepared for. Our team can assist you with the disbanding of your business, including completing a certification of dissolution with the state, filing the proper tax forms, notifying your creditors, and distributing assets among your investors. Our business consultants allow for a smooth transition, while ensuring that all conditions are satisfied in regards to the termination of your company.

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