Individual Tax Preparation

Everyone needs tax preparation services. However, every individual’s financial situation is unique and, depending on your situation, may require more care and specification. We tailor our tax preparation services to needs of our clients – no one strategy is the same. Our highly trained specialists possess the knowledge and tools to assist individuals in receiving the highest tax benefits available, while also complying with IRS regulations. Our years of experience allow us to provide tax preparation services with a high degree of client satisfaction. Whether you believe you’re eligible for more tax deductions than you’re receiving, or require assistance communicating with the IRS, contact us for all of your tax preparation needs.

Individual Tax Preparation Services Include:

Individual Tax Forms

Depending on your unique financial situation, you may be required to fill out different tax forms. Whether you’re filing independently, jointly, or for earned income tax credit, we are right by your side. We thoroughly analyze your finances to ensure that your tax documents are completed accurately and on-time.

Individual Tax Deduction

Based on your past expenses, you may be eligible for one or more tax deductions. From charitable giving to job-related moving expenses, there are hundreds of possible tax breaks that can potentially be applied to your return to increase your tax refund amount.

Individual IRS Compliance

Communicating back and forth with the IRS can be a complicated and tedious process. Save time and frustration by allowing our tax specialists to speak on your behalf. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to negotiate even the most complicated tax compliance issues with the IRS. We also provide you with the information required for developing an effective tax resolution strategy.

Individual Auditing

No one looks forward to being audited but you must be prepared for it. If necessary, we can assign a tax specialist to your case who will communicate with the IRS on your behalf. Your dedicated specialist will also inform you on everything you’ll need to present the IRS with your financial information.

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